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Residential / Landscaping

The Avant 423 Mini Loader is the perfect machine for your many DYI landscaping and home garden jobs. With its narrow width of just under 1100mm it will get into all those tight corners with ease. The articulated design of this machine enables you to turn around in a very tight space without screwing up the ground like other compact skid steer equipment. The design of the unit allows you to sit in the front section of the unit. In this position, and the slightly off center main boom, means you can always see exactly where your bucket / attachment is positioned.

The forward and reverse hydrostatic drive control pedals, standard steering wheel for steering and the single handed 6 function joystick, makes this machine extremely easy to master even if you've had no prior experience on such a unit.

This complete package of the loader with a 4 in 1 bucket,  auger drive and 150mm, 200mm and 300mm augers, complete on its own trailer for easy transportation, your next project will be so much more enjoyable and simpler.

Pallet Fork and trencher attachments also available upon request.

Want this mini-loader?

4 in 1 Bucket

The 1100mm wide bucket has a long list of uses. It can be shift bulk products, load trucks or skip bins (with the 2.5m tipping height), and carry your tools. Open up the bucket and it can be used as a dozer blade, levelling device or even to latch on to those awkward logs that need to be repositioned. 

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Pallet Forks

1100mm long pallet forks with manually adjustable widths. Ideal for shifting pallets of bricks or turf in tight locations.


Digging depths of 300mm - 600mm with pre-selected locking slots at the different depths. Preferred for accomplishing those long drainage or electrical trenches without manual labour.

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Auger Drive & Augers

High capacity Auger drive head along with 150mm, 200mm and 300mm Augers. Perfect for drilling holes for fence posts or even just planting trees.

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