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Avant 423 Tree Lopping

Our Avant 423 with the swivel log grab is the ideal machine for working on those tight tree felling projects where you can't easily get close to with the larger chippers. With the narrow width of 1080mm, a lift capacity of 500kg and its telescopic boom, you can grab those long heavy tree trunks from the back of the property safely up to the chipper with ease. With the swivel function of the grab, you can pick up tree branches in any direction and turn them around so you can get them through tight areas without the risk of catching on surrounding objects.

Whether it's carting the tree trunks or gathering up the loose branches, the swivel log grab on this machine will save you many hours and dollars of labour.

The Swivel Log Grab is available at an additional $100 Inc GST / day extra to the standard package.

Want this mini-loader?

Swivel Log Grab

The Swivel Log Grab is the ideal Attachment for clearing up those fallen tree branches or rubbish and load it into a Wood chipper or skip/tipper truck.

TL Swivel Log Grab.webp
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