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1 - 4 Cubic Yard (0.75 - 3m³) Batch Mixer or Batch Mixer Combo

1 - 4 Cubic Yard (0.75 - 3m³) Batch Mixer or Batch Mixer Combo

The Pack Mfg Batch Mixers are available in 1 - 4 Cubic Yard (0.75 - 3m³) capacity, and each of these can also be converted to Batch Mixer Combos. The Pack Mfg Batch Mixer Combo has all the bells and whistles of the standard Batch Mixer with the addition of a 1.5m takeoff conveyor. When incorporating mixers into automated production lines, the combo features are invaluable in eliminating extra labour needs. The Combo Batch mixer can be configured to perform in a number of automated scenarios. Options such as a foot pedal for opening the discharge, mixing timers, as well as automatic chutes and bagging chutes allow these machines to be custom made for many applications. Potting tables, casters, and pneumatic tyre options also add a dimension of mobility to the machines, allowing these machines to be used in multiple production lines and for multiple applications. 

Larger size Mixers up to 10 Cubic Yard (7.5m³) are available to order.


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