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CM100 Cocomill

CM100 Cocomill

In the past, processing compressed 5 kg coconut blocks was a time-consuming job requiring a lot of water.


Soaking the compressed 5 kg coconut blocks is time-consuming work where a lot of water is wasted. The blocks must be sprayed with water for up to 48 hours to achieve a complete soak. The Logitec Plus Coco Mill offers a solution for this where the blocks are processed effectively in a closed, dust-tight machine.


The blocks are loaded into the machine, either manually or automatically, after which they enter a rotating mill, where water is added. The blocks absorb the water and the soaked coconut falls off the blocks and is discharged on an outfeed conveyor to a potting machine or bunker.


The moisture of the stripped coconut can be regulated by means of an adjustable run and pause time of the watering system.



  • No loss of water
  • No spillage of dirty water
  • No loss of structure
  • Max. volume retention
  • Humidity level of ready-to-use coconut is adjustable
  • No dust formation thanks to closed machine


Dimensions with 1400mm outfeed belt:

  • Transport position :  2500 x 1545 x 2065mm
  • Working position : 4330 x 1545 x 2065mm


Dimensions with 2900mm outfeed belt:

  • Transport position :  2900 x 1545 x 2065mm
  • Working position : mm 4660 x 1545 x 2065mm


Weight of the CM100: 1100-1400kg (depending on options)

Max size blocks: 5kg blocks

Max load: around 13 blocks


Optional accessories:

  • Input tray
  • Infeed belt semi-automatic
  • Outfeed belt
  • Big wheels
  • Various voltages
  • LED lighting inside

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